Light Dodger First Lighting

Some pictures from Light Dodger lit up at night for the first time. At dusk the lights come on and the  ’39 Dodge side begins to glow. The 6-foot circle lights from behind with marine LEDs that stays hidden in the surface during the day.

Light Dodger

Light Dodger

Light Dodger

Light Dodger

Day 3 – Light Dodger Installation

Artist Tj Aitken and Joe are putting the finishing touches on the Light Dodger sculpture. They are also readying the Hemi Piston Street Lamps for installation on the walkway. From concept to finish, the sculpture has taken one-and-a-half years to complete. Absolutely amazing!

Day 2 – Light Dodger Installation

Artist Tj Aitken and Joe install the 6-foot diameter IGU glass pieces today. The circle is lead glass sandwiched in hurricane glass and louvered to spill wind.  Steel and architectural concrete with auto glass 20×10.3×4.7 feet, Light Dodger is a lighted abstraction of two Dodge fenders with large lens like forms of stained glass illuminated […]

Day 1 – Light Dodger Installation

Sculptor Tj Aitken and crew begins installation of 20-ft Light Dodger sculpture at Bainbridge Shady Grove Apartments in Rockville. The sculpture was delivered on a flatbed truck early this morning. Parking spaces and a lane of King Farm Blvd was blocked off to make room for the massive crane. The sculpture pieces were then hoisted […]

“Light Dodger” Installation

PRESS RELEASE – “Light Dodger” Monumental Sculpture install August 4-7th (click image to enlarge)

The sculpture will be delivered in sections on a flatbed truck early on August 4th. Parking spaces and a lane of the street will be blocked off to make room for a construction crane. The sculpture pieces will then be hoisted by crane up and over the trees to the foundation pads.

Placement and assembly of the large pieces will be done with the crane. Scaffolding will then go up for the glass components. This will take all day on the 4th. The Hemi Piston Street Lamps will be installed along the walkway on day 2 in addition to sidewalk etching of the Dodge gasket patterns.


Light Dodger Installation Press Release

Levitating the big mothership for loading

Light Dodger

Light Dodger




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