Original Employees

This circa 1920s image shows some of the original sales and service staff of Lewis Reed’s Rockville Garage. Note that in the photo some of the men are wearing Gulf Gasoline attendant uniforms. The photo was taken in front of the vehicle entrance that led to the service department at the original Rockville Garage. (click on image to enlarge)

Rockville Garage Mechanics circa 1920s

Rockville Garage Sales & Service Staff circa 1920s.
Back Row, standing left to right: name unknown, Charles Case Merry, Lester Wilson, Leonard Beall, John William Norris, name unknown, Leo C. Murray. Second Row: name unknown, name unknown, Otis Beall (Leonard’s brother), Philip Reed, Clyde Souders, Arthur Souders.  Front row, middle: Walter (Bud) Beall. Lewis Reed’s brother, Philip (boxed in the middle) came to work for Reed Brothers as a mechanic in 1916. The men dressed in uniforms were Gulf gas station attendants. The identities of the other people in the photo are unknown.

Original Employees

Raleigh S. Chinn, Rockville, started as Salesman with Reed Brothers in 1920
Evelyn Beane, Administrative Secretary
Paul F. Wire, Bookkeeper
W. Lester Wilson, Rockville, started in 1918 as Shop Foreman and stayed for 28 years
Alfred Fraley, Redland, started in 1917 as a mechanic and stayed for more than 30+ years
Benjamin J. Thompson, Colesville, started in 1917 as Salesman and stayed for 30+ years
Philip Reed (a brother), started in 1916 as a mechanic. Philip was a part of the first shop force and stayed with the company until 1944
Grafton Reed (a brother), worked as a mechanic in 1921
Leo (Pat) Murray started in 1925 and was the Parts Department Manager. Pat worked at Reed Brothers for more than 21 years
Richard C. Burdette, Rockville, mechanic
John Burdette, Gaithersburg, Gas Station Attendant
Marvin Shultz, Gas Station Attendant/Salesman. Stayed with Reed Brothers his entire career
Mary Anna (Slater) Beall, Rockville, Bookkeeper
Charles Case Merry
Aubrey Souders


2 responses to “Original Employees”

  1. Souders says :

    Man to the right of box is Clyde Souders and the man right of him is Arthur Souders on the end of the middle row

    • Reed Brothers says :

      I made the edits and added their names. I also made the edits in my, “Portrait of an Automobile Dealer”. I’m always on the lookout for info and help filling in the blanks, and very much appreciate your help in identifying these men! Were Clyde and Arthur brothers? My info also indicates Aubrey Souders was an original employee. Do you know of him and is he in the photo?

      My Best Regards,

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