Wagman Award for Reed Brothers Dodge History Blog and Book

On November 18, 2016, Peerless Rockville recognized blog author, Jeanne Gartner, with the Arthur M. Wagman Award for Historic Preservation Communication, for recording the history of Reed Brothers Dodge, a dealership, that had been in Rockville for over a century.

Peerless Rockville recognizes Jeanne Gartner for launching the website and blog on the history of Reed Brothers Dodge. Jeanne is the granddaughter of Lewis Reed, who along with his brother Edgar, founded Reed Brothers Dodge. The dealership was established in 1915, less than one year after the first Dodge Model-30 rolled off the assembly line for $785. A family-owned business that endured two World Wars and the Great Depression, the local dealership paralleled the American Automobile Industry. Reed Brothers provided “wheels” to many Rockville families for most of the Twentieth century. The website continues to provide a century of knowledge and detailed information extending beyond the automobile. It serves as a vehicle of late Modern History, from the later stages of the Industrial and Machine Ages, the Great World Wars, Post Modernism and into the Age of Information and Multimedia.

April 2017: Lewis Reed Photo to Appear in PBS Documentary

The Archival Producer for television’s most-watched history series, AMERICAN EXPERIENCE on PBS found a photograph of the interior of a 1920’s trolley car taken by Lewis Reed and asked permission to use it in the upcoming documentary, “The Great War,” a six-hour, three-night event, that will premiere Monday, April 10, through Wednesday, April 12, 9:00-11:00 p.m. ET in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into WWI.

October 2015: Reed Brothers Dodge a Designated “Peerless Place”

Along with St. Mary’s Church (1813), King Farm (1925), Red Brick Courthouse (1891), and the B&O Railroad Station (1873), Reed Brothers Dodge (1915) was designated as a “Peerless Place” by Rockville’s Historic Preservation organization.

October 2015: American Pickers Hits Reed Brothers Dodge History Blog!

The television show, American Pickers, that’s watched by about 2.7 million people on the History Channel each week “picked” Reed Brothers Dodge History blog! A 1927 photograph of Reed Brothers Dodge was used on the TV Show “American Pickers” Season 7, Episode 34: “Can’t Catch a Break” when pickers Mike and Frank found an old Dodge Brothers sign. Mike explained a bit of the history of the Dodge Brothers company and used the Reed Brothers Dodge photograph during his explanation. The episode was aired on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 on The History Channel at 9:00 EST.

May 2015: Reed Brothers Dodge Featured in Norris-Banonis Automotive Calendar

Several photographs of Reed Brothers Dodge went into the month of May 2015 Automotive Wall Calendar, “Broken Down Heroes“, which features a 1952 Dodge Coronet. The Norris-Banonis calendars have so much information in them, they are known as “coffee table books”. All of the calendars feature icons representing important dates in automotive history as they relate to the calendar.

April 2015: “On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture” by Peerless Rockville

As a part of Peerless Rockville’s “On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture” lecture series, Peerless Rockville Historian, Dr Teresa Lachin offered a glimpse into the history of Reed Brothers Dodge as one of the City’s oldest and longest lasting automobile businesses. Reed Brothers Dodge operated from two locations on Rockville Pike for over 97 years.

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