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Lewis Reed Photo to Appear in PBS Documentary

Rare peak of the inside of an early 1920’s trolley car taken by Lewis Reed, a well-known photographer in Montgomery County, as well as owner and founder of Reed Brothers Dodge of Rockville, Maryland.

The photo will be featured on PBS “American Experience” documentary, “The Great War” a three-night event exploring how World War I transformed America starting Monday, April 10 on PBS. The trolley image is in Episode 3, Wednesday night, between 38-40 minutes into the show. From 1900-1935, the trolley cars – or street cars, as they were also known – went past Reed Brothers Dodge as they traveled up Rockville Pike. Major stops along the line included Georgetown, Alta Vista, Bethesda, Montrose, Halpine, the Fairgrounds, Courthouse Square, and Chestnut Lodge. Panels for advertising line the edge of the ceiling on both sides of the trolley. Instead of AC, the interiors were cooled with wooden ceiling fans. (click on image to enlarge)

The print was originally made from a glass negative, an early photographic technique which was in common use between the 1880s and the late 1920s. The early 1900s were considered by many to be the golden era of early photography, because of its new availability to the public and somewhat simplified production methods. Many of Lewis Reed’s early photographs are now part of the Montgomery County Historical Society photo archives.

1920s Trolley interior

Rare peak of the inside of a 1920’s trolley car and passengers featured in PBS documentary “The Great War”. Photo taken by Lewis Reed

PBS The Great War

Screen shot of credits from The American Experience series, “The Great War” on PBS


Reed Brothers Dodge Featured in Montgomery Magazine

Reed Brothers Dodge, Montgomery MagazineReed Brothers is very proud and honored to be featured in the month of April/May 2017 Montgomery Magazine, historic landmarks “Then & Now” section.  The black and white photograph above is Reed Brothers Dodge located at its original location in Old Rockville at the triangle at Veirs Mill Road and Rockville Pike – close to 100 years ago – with “That Good Gulf” gasoline drive-through filling station and Dodge Brothers Motor Car and Graham Brothers Truck signage. The Alemite sign in front indicates that Reed Brothers also sold and used the Alemite lubricating system.

In 1918, the Gulf Refining Co. adopted a brick and tile roof station with canopy supported by four brick columns covering two front driveways. “That Good Gulf” was one of the Company’s marketing slogans for a number of years during the twenties and thirties. The second story was added to the showroom with a glazed front looking out onto Rockville Pike on the right. The photo was taken by Lewis Reed in the late 1920s. Note the unpaved dirt road on Rockville Pike and trolley tracks running past the dealership. (click on images to enlarge)

Reed Brothers Dodge, Montgomery MagazineThe color photograph above, is the dealership’s location today, now known as Veterans Park. In the 1970s the site was known as the Francis Scott Key Memorial Park, and later in 1988, it was permanently rededicated as Veterans Park. In the late 1960s, the state of Maryland acquired the land to widen 355 and donated the remaining sliver to the City. The state named the connector street behind the dealership’s location “Dodge Street” because Reed Brothers Dodge dealership was located there for more than 50 years.

Montgomery Magazine is a lifestyle magazine, with timely articles on county leaders, entertainment, sports, neighborhood and restaurant profiles, entrepreneurs, historic landmarks then and now, plus seasonal special sections of local interest.

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Pickin’ a Blog!

Do you watch the History Channel TV show “American Pickers”? Don’t know what a picker is?  Not familiar with the show?  Well, the show follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel across the country looking for rare artifacts and national treasures.  Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory, transforming one person’s trash into another’s treasure.

And, the television show that’s watched by about 2.7 million people on the History Channel each week picked Reed Brothers Dodge History blog!

The archivist for “American Pickers” found a 1927 photo of Reed Brothers Dodge on our blog and asked permission to use it in one of their upcoming episodes. The image was used in Season 7, Episode 34: “Can’t Catch a Break” when Mike and Frank find an old Dodge Brothers sign. Mike explains a bit of the history of the company and he used the photograph during his explanation.

Below are images extracted from the American Pickers “Can’t Catch A Break” video.



Reed Brothers Dodge on American Pickers

American Pickers hit Reed Brothers Dodge

Reed Brothers Dodge on American Pickers

Click the link below to view the American Pickers full episode. The actual Dodge Brothers sign segment starts at 18:37.
American Pickers: Can’t Catch a Break


History Channel’s American Pickers Hits Reed Brothers Dodge Blog!

American PickersI recently received an e-mail from the archivist for the TV Show “American Pickers” on the History Channel. They found a 1927 photograph of Reed Brothers Dodge on the blog and asked permission to use it in one of their upcoming episodes. The image will be used when Mike and Frank find an old Dodge Brothers sign. Mike explains a bit of the history of the company and he will use the image during his explanation.

Today, I am excited to announce that the episode of “American Pickers” that Reed Brothers Dodge contributed to is scheduled to air this Wednesday, October 21st, on The History Channel at 9:00 EST. The episode’s title is “Can’t Catch A Break.” I hope you can all tune in!

Feature – “On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture” by Peerless Rockville

It was 100 years ago that Lewis Reed signed a franchise agreement with brothers Horace and John Dodge in Detroit. Since then, the business that Lewis Reed founded grew and transformed into Rockville’s oldest family-owned and operated Dodge dealership.

As a part of Peerless Rockville’s “On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture” lecture series, Peerless Rockville Historian, Dr Teresa Lachin offered a glimpse into the history of Reed Brothers Dodge as one of the City’s oldest and longest lasting automobile businesses. Reed Brothers Dodge operated from two locations on Rockville Pike for 97 years.

Pictured below is the brochure of the “On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture” lecture series. (click images to enlarge)

On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture

On the Go: Rockville Pike and Car Culture

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