12 responses to “Dodge Brothers Emblem”

  1. Marvin Henningson says :

    I have an inking stamp engraving that is like this stamp except that the bottom says motor vehicles instead of Detroit U S A. Was wondering if it is before this emblem.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hi Marvin,

      The original Dodge emblem was a circle with two interlocking triangles forming a six-pointed star in the middle; an interlocked “DB” was at the center of the star, and the words “Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles” encircled the outside edge. Although the “Brothers” was dropped from the name for trucks in 1929 and cars in 1930, the DB star remained in the cars until the 1939 models were introduced.

      You might be interested in checking out Allpar . It’s a good source for information on this topic.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Karen says :

    Thank you for the information. We have a restored 1927 DB coupe my husband restored in high school. It was our “courting car” since we drove it everywhere! A 1927 DB sedan that we have to still work on. The coupe was bought from his office uncle in 1964 from the original owner. So we have had itva long time and drive it all over. And thanks for your service to our country.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hello Karen, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your story. I’m sure the 1927 Dodge Brothers coupe is a very special car to you and your husband. The labor of love and enjoyment that comes from restoring it and getting it back on the road, makes it all worthwhile.

      Best wishes to you,

  3. wayne cunniffe says :

    i have a dodge brothers emblem but mirror image with inset letters,appears to be made of brass or bronze,found inside a 1937 james motorcycle feul cap.wonder if its a emblem die or stamp

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hi Wayne,

      I really wish I could help you, but unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your question. Thanks for taking the time to visit and good luck in your search.

      Best Regards,

  4. Ken says :

    I am in the process of purchasing an old warehouse type building in Florida. I was told that the building had some automotive heritage. In doing further research at the local historical society, sure enough this was a Dodge Brothers agency opened in 1926. And during my due diligence I identified three engraved logo features on the face of the building somewhat obscured by years of refinishing. Amazingly enough the building’s exterior is intact and still exhibits the original Dodge Brothers Detroit USA six pointed star logo at the top center of the building, the intertwined less detailed DB logo on the easternmost top front face of the building and the original GB (Graham Brothers) logo at the top of the westernmost front face of the building. My goal is to restore the building to more closely resemble its appearance when it first opened as the Dodge Brothers agency in the 1920s. Do you know of any automotive dealership history resources to help in my rehabilitation and restoration effort? Thank you.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hi Ken,

      My apologies for the delayed response. I really wish I could help you more with your question, but there is not a lot of information about Dodge dealership history available. I recently learned that the Dodge/Chrysler archives were eliminated a few years ago and not much exists anymore. Very unfortunate.

      This is one of a very few books available on the history of the Dodge Brothers and the Dodge Brothers Company: ‘The Dodge Brothers: The Men, the Motor Cars, and the Legacy’ by Charles K. Hyde, here: https://www.amazon.com/Dodge-Brothers-Motor-Legacy-Great/dp/0814332463

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and good luck in your search. If you do happen to come across anything I would love to know!

      My Best Regards,

  5. Cathy Kochis says :

    I have a vintage Dodge Brothers emblem that I cannot seem to find anywhere via the web. I would like to confirm it’s age and authenticity. The logo is round and only shows the blue star with the interlocking DB inside of it. I was confused by the explanation that after 1939 “Brothers” was dropped from the emblem because this emblem does not have any other wording…only the DB inside of the star.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hi Cathy, The emblem you’re describing sounds like it might be a Dodge Brothers radiator grille badge, circa 1920’s. Here is an image of one, hopefully this link will work: Dodge Brothers radiator grille badge

      Thanks for visiting and best of luck in your search!

      • Cathy Kochis says :

        That’s it! Thank you so much. How wonderful of you to offer this service to the public!

  6. scalekustomsTroy says :

    Hi Ken. Just wondering if you know what the turquoise marking on the emblem represents? Is it a map of some kind, perhaps waterways or something?

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